If I apply for a job in another state will they even consider me?

I frequently work with clients that want to relocate and they often question how seriously they will be considered for a position if their address shows they live somewhere else.  It is an area for concern but one that can be addressed in several different ways.  The first option is to eliminate your physical address from your resume and only include your name, phone number, and email.  This has actually become more common among all job seekers.  Another option is to use the address of a relative or friend in the area that you want to relocate to.  But perhaps the most effective option is to explain your desire to relocate in your cover letter.

Your cover letter is the perfect opportunity to explain your motivation for moving.  If the move is scheduled and you know when it will be finalized include that as well.  Having a definite date assures a potential employer that you are serious about relocating.  Using the cover letter to convey your desire to relocate will be perhaps your most effective tool in order to be taken seriously when applying for a position in another area.



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